Lora Fedova

Belarus’, Мінская Вобласць

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About me:

The use of modern pedagogical technologies allows the teacher to organize the necessary subject-developing environment, to improve which she constantly works. She successfully masters and uses the latest achievements in pedagogical science and practice: developmental, problem-based, multilevel education.


Successfully applies the project-research method of teaching, applies learning in collaboration (team and group work) in the classroom and in extracurricular work, uses information and communication technologies to create the necessary motivation, to ensure the state of success for students; participates in innovative activities: the introduction of ICT in the educational process, testing and application of the latest pedagogical technologies. Uses personality-oriented learning based on an activity approach, developmental and multi-level training, health-saving technologies, project and research methods, information and communication technologies.


A tolerant attitude towards children, techniques and methods of student-centered learning, project methods, a differentiated approach to teaching contribute to the good organization of students' work, ensure activity, interest of children in the lesson, and increase the motivation of learning.

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